Nclude enables people with a Learning Disability and/or Autism in gaining access to real employment opportunities.

Supported Employment

Nclude will assist employers in promoting an integrated and diverse Workplace, in addition to meeting some of their future business needs. We will work closely with individuals and their families in supporting people into meaningful paid employment of their choice. 

We want people with a learning disability to feel valued and respected in the workplace. This is achieved through giving both the individual and the employer realistic, ongoing support mechanisms within the workplace.

Nclude Employment aims to: 

  • Provide appropriate, timely advice and support to young people and adults who have a learning disability and or Autism living in Bucks who wish to gain paid employment.
  • Identify needs and wishes of people with a learning disability and or Autism, to plan and deliver a comprehensive, supportive and creative range of employment / work experience opportunities to meet their aspirations.
  • Liaise with individual employers, both locally and nationally on a regular basis in negotiating employment opportunities for people accessing the Supported Employment Service.
  • Support job seekers through work tasters, establishing a natural support within the work place, phasing out and providing ongoing monitoring throughout their employment.
  • Identify areas of potential difficulty and work with employees and employers to prevent job loss wherever possible, or support the person through the termination of employment where this is agreed to be the only solution.
  • Liaise with DWP benefits personnel to ensure that people are not financially disadvantaged prior to seeking paid employment.